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Restaurante do Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho
Estrada do Guincho, Praia do Guincho, Cascais

There's absolutely more than meets the eye in this Michelin starred restaurant slash hotel with a Atlantic Ocean panorama. Superlative french nouvelle cuisine with a slight portuguese flavour, a seasoned top chef of the tops and an array of wines of excellence, multiple awarded, all to discover in a amazing bunked fortress of the 17th century, a step from the surf aficionado personal favourite, the windy Guincho beach.

Restaurante Estoril Mandarim
Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, Estoril, Cascais

One could immediately pinpoint Mandarim as an unique chinese restaurant, just to quickly underline it as quintessential in the following of the ancient tradition of the Guangdong cuisine. Disciplined service in an almost religious fashion, exquisite decoration that offers taylor made environs and private salons, all under the guidance of an awarded chinese chef. The delicatessen served stand above as the purer of the sino-gastronomy outside it's cradle.

Restaurante Pap'Açorda
Rua da Atalaia 57, Bairro Alto, Lisboa

Under the guise of a bakery in a central street of the infamous nightlife neighbourhood of Bairro Alto, stands this entrenched reference of any restaurant enumeration and a long favourite of the portuguese gastronome. Albeit the menu star being the dish that lends the name to the restaurant, the flawless and imperative Açorda, there's a plentiful offer with more than thirty choices, ranging from meat to fish, from must to must more.

Pastelaria Bénard,
Rua Garrett 104, Chiado, Lisboa

The heart of the city has a spot of exquisite pastries named Bénard, a tea house in the shopping district of Chiado since the end of the 19th century. Firstly standing out as a place to gather and collect the sun, while entering one can fill but invigorated by the offerings of sweetness and cosiness. First of all the croissant, subject of a long kept secret recipe and eaten almost ritualised, warm, simple or chocolate filled.

Confeitaria Nacional
Praça da Figueira 18B, Baixa Pombalina, Lisboa

A charismatic and original bakery founded in 1829 in the city core of the portuguese first city, the oldest in Lisbon downtown. The kings, queens and kins where immensely keen to their delicacies, and it would eventually cater to the portuguese royal family for a broad agreeable and sweet period. A well known and all portuguese cake, an ubiquitous presence in all the tables and palates during Christmas times, the colorful Bolo-rei, had it's origin in Confeitaria Nacional and it is still up for grabs as a seasonal tradition.

Pastelaria Garrett
Avenida Nice 54, Estoril

A cosy spot with a familiar flavour established in 1934 in the center of the well known town of Estoril, with the traditional Bolo-rei and Bolo-rainha up for grabs all year round and a wide selection of mouth watering delicacies. The pastries are so well renowned and desired that Garrett is the sole and sweet responsible for a extensive peregrination of gastronomists from all the surroundings.

Estoril Jazz 2013
Casino Estoril, Estoril, Cascais
From 10 until 19 of May

Commencing in 1971, the Estoril Jazz has since firmly established as synonym of jazz festival, of which is one of the best in Lisbon. Big bands, bebop, New Orleans and standards are all tuned together during ten days of May in the auditorium of the second biggest european casino, after that of Lisbon, the Casino Estoril. Orquestra Hot Club de Portugal, Tierney Sutton Band, Harold Mabern, Gary Burton, among many others, celebrating all that jazz!

120 years of Almada Negreiros birth celebrations
Until November 2013

The virtuous and prolific figure of the portuguese modernist and futurist artist, José de Almada Negreiros, is celebrated in an extensive program to embrace Lisbon until November. The all time vanguardist painter, poet, writer, novelist, dancer, script writer, all of the latter and much more beyond, the embodiment of the total artist, is reinvigorated in a rich schedule to include theatre, exhibitions, films and a tour to his finest accomplishments in Lisbon.

Close, Closer “, Lisbon Architecture Triennale
From 12 September until 15 December 2013

Devoted to the subject of Close, Closer, the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale showcases the best ideas and proposals of the finest architects, landscapers and urban designers in the portuguese capital, throughout events, performances, debates and exhibitions. For long and deservedly so, the portuguese architecture has been world renowned, prized and celebrated and the Lisbon Triennale is its refreshing home.