Estádio - A typical tavern in an atypical district, actualizado a 23 de Março de 2009.

Estádio – A typical tavern in an atypical district 
Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2009 | By: Rafael Vieira 

This is the most typical Portuguese tavern with cheap beer and Portuguese fast food (pregos). Elders are always lurking around talking about football and politics during the day. At night – when its strong white lights are turned on – it is filled with the most varied young people connected with arts, cinema and theater. It transforms into a place for long conversations while waiting for the right hour to roam to the close by bars and clubs of Bairro Alto. 

The place is decorated with naive paintings, a pinball machine at the corner and the remnant still working jukebox of the district. The rough employees have difficulty giving you a smile, but after a few nights and jokes they start to smile back at you like to the most regular clientele. It was founded 40 years ago. The current owner, Mr Conde started young here serving at tables. It used to be the stop for sailors, a brothel and the place for gathering for some of the best known poets and painters like the surrealistic poet and painter Mário Cesariny, extremely famous in Portugal. Notice the ancient register machine and get all the info on the latest happenings in the city shown from posters at the walls.

Details about this spot :

Estádio | Bars | Beer € 1.10
Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 11 | Bairro Alto (area map)
Wed – Mon 13:00 – 01:00