Rossio Patio Hostel, Abril de 2012.

Rossio Patio Hostel

Text : Rafael Vieira

Lisbon just recently rose as a top european touristic destination, ignited both by the sunny weather and also by the quality of life and affordable prices. Add to that the availability of cheap flights and the immense quantity of ruined buildings in the city (4600 in the last account), one can find it a real estate gem. With tourists pouring to the city and inhabitants flushing to the suburbs, Lisbon shrunk in its core in more than 1/3 of population, from 800 thousand em 1981 to some rough 550 thousand in 2011, while hitting the 3 million mark in the Greater Lisbon. So the city is quite the ground for hostels, hotels and rent-a-day accommodations to flourish, a market on the rise that have to invest strongly in originality and quality. Just like Rossio Patio Hostel, one of the most recent in Lisbon and installed in the Rossio Train Station, just above the train lines connecting the city centre to the vast suburbs. Placed around a winter garden kept away from the city noise and placed inside of a centenary steel building with a neogothic façade, it's quite the example for sustainable construction and a original approach to the tourism question and possibility.

Rossio Patio Hostel :