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About me

I was born in Coimbra – a historic small university city and first portuguese capital 200 km north of Lisbon. After my studies in architecture and after having worked in several offices in the city, I ventured to Barcelona where I stayed in 2004 working in my field and embracing all the city had to offer. Then I decided to live in Coimbra again and stayed there two more years before I had the chance to move to Lisbon in 2006 due to a work proposal.

After living in seven different houses in some of the most interesting districts in the city (Graça, Liberdade, Benfica, Bairro Alto, Sapadores…) and having shared my space in some unusual ways (in one of them with 6 other persons, in other with 3 more and a cat, in another 2 and a dog, the last one 2 flatmates and two dogs…) I established in Bica – close to the core of the Lisbon nightlife.

I live with a flatmate in a third story of a building in the old Bica fabric in a place where with just a few steps up the street one can get a excellent panoramic view of the Tejo river and the Lisbon south-bank.

What attracts me in Lisbon? Everything! 

The people and the travelers, the tradition side by side with the urge of renewal and technology installations; the new emerging art scene and all the trembling night life, with plenty of offers in theaters, cinemas, clubs and art centers, the nonconformist attitude in the younger generations, the Lisbon history, monuments and sights; the food and the sound of the city, the music in every corner, the silence of some parts of the city at late hours and the thriving and noisy crowd in other parts at every hour – Lisbon is a city that truly never sleeps!

Where else can you find me online?

X MAL http://movimentoacordalisboa.com (a Lisbon proactive intervention group) 
   TAKE mag http://www.take.com.pt (portuguese cinema mag)
X Le Cool Lisboa ttp://lecool.com (weekly cultural agenda) 
   http://lixpop.blogspot.com (on Lisbon streetart culture) 
   http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/raphaellx (CS page)

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