Anti-restaurants, Abril de 2012


Text : Rafael Vieira

An anti-restaurant is also called a supper club, a guestaurant or a underground restaurant (UK and States), a paladar or a restaurante de puertas cerradas (in Latin America) and it's a place that serves food and operates outside any rules and norms of hygiene and security applied to the regular (and legal) restaurants. Basically it's a illegal restaurant, and in practice a paid private dinner. After the earlier boom in other countries, the phenomena arrived to Lisbon due to a conjunction between the economic recession and the conscience of more healthy lifestyles. And it thrived, first with thematic dinners organized by collectives (MAL, Bacalhoeiro, Crew Hassan, Gaia) and then by several enthusiasts of gourmet tasting and gatherings out-of-the-box. The politically partially-oriented Cinema Lá Em Cima presents a veggie meal and a movie projection with very reasonable prices in a terrace overlooking Lisbon. The Alfama district based collective of Alfama-te organizes dinners between unknowns and jumps every couple of days from patio to patio. The Há Mesa regularly uses unusual spots around the city for their meals, where the pay is substituted by a contribution of food to the group. A result from the economical constraints as well the ambition to appease the palate, one that also explains the proliferation of rent-a-cook kind of services.

Há Mesa :