Aldeia da Luz, Abril de 2012

Aldeia da Luz

Text : Rafael Vieira

Quite similarly to the known transfer on site of the temples of Abu Simbel due to the construction of a dam in the Nile, Aldeia da Luz is a village in south Portugal that was re-erected 2km from it's old location due the filling of the reservoir of Alqueva dam in the river Guadiana. The reservoir is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Europe with 250 km2 in surface and 83km in length and was long necessary to battle the droughts in the province of Alentejo, where it stands. Aldeia da Luz is unique in the sense that the village was reconstructed alike, keeping the urban and agrarian structure intact, transferring only a few features like the village cemetery and a few ornaments in the local church and giving room to a few minor modifications and contributions by the dwellers in the choice of materials and colours of the constructions. The village houses a Museum that records and keeps the memory of the submerged village and the process of reinstalling the community.

Luz Museum :

Photo credits, Museu da Luz