Associação Loucos & Sonhadores - Wild late hour talks, actualizado a 22 de Junho de 2009.

Associação Loucos & Sonhadores – Wild late hour talks 
Last updated: Jul 22nd, 2009 | By: Rafael Vieira 

The Wild Dreamers Association (the English translation for the name of this place) is a late hour bar. It’s situated in the vicinity of the busiest streets of Bairro Alto, but it goes untouched by the growing noise and continuous confusion of the district. It’s based in a basement decorated with books, hookahs, and artifacts that make the place resemble the British Museum. One can spend hours talking while tasting national beer and listening to good music.

A place to visit and stay until late hours with an excellent atmosphere and extremely pleasant service from Mr Vítor. Curiosities: You can bring your music and play it here. Also there’s always popcorn with chips for free and a cigarettes package available, just ask for it!

Details about this spot :

Associação Loucos & Sonhadores | Bars, Relaxing | ½ pint (Imperial) € 1.10
Travessa do Conde de Soure 2 | Bairro Alto (area map)
Mon – Sat 22:30 – 02:00