Dona Bela - Cape Verdian Haven, actualizado a 15 de Setembro de 2009.

Dona Bela – Cape Verdian Haven 
Last updated: Sep 15th, 2009 | By: Rafael Vieira 

I would describe it as an magical atmosphere that emanates from this small bar owned by the active and smiley Dona Isabel – Dona Bela. Located on the far right side of Bica street – the lowest end of the funicular circuit – this dark and cozy small room makes the complement to the more fashionable and well known bars on the top of the nightlife district of Bica. 

In this little spot, temperated by strong drinks and with a mix of Portuguese beers and between a spray of conversation with other night walkers, one could get a glimpse of the Capeverdian culture that shows itself everyday more proudly and that is growing within the city. Usually in an improvised gig, musicians start playing Morna, romantic and nostalgic music of the islands of Cape Verde while couples start dancing immediately. It’s not uncommon that the music jumps to the street attracting and happily contaminating everybody that passes down-street to the busiest clubs of Cais do Sodré. A side note – don’t stay in the street dancing and singing after 3 am, the dwellers of Bica are not too found of that and will certainly throw water from the upper balconies. Just don’t provoke an unwanted shower.

Details about this spot :

Dona Bela | Bars, Music | 0,33 cl beer € 1.80
Rua da Bica Duarte Belo | Bairro Alto (area map)
Mon – Fri 22:00 – 02:00