Galeria de Arte Urbana - Sweet street art, actualizado a 13 de Julho de 2009.

Galeria de Arte Urbana – Sweet street art 
Last updated: Jul 13th, 2009 | By: Rafael Vieira 

On the top of the Calçada da Glória, the extremely steep street where the funicular goes restlessly up and down from downtown to the nightlife district of Bairro Alto until late hours, you will find 5 huge panels of the first urban art gallery of Lisbon – the Galeria de Arte Urbana da Calçada da Glória. This “gallery” shows excellent art work like stencil and graffiti from several Portuguese street artists and writers.

The urban art platform GGRAU implemented this concept to display the quality of the street art that Lisbon has to offer, not abusively and within the law. The panels are constantly being renovated with new works and its a must see if you want to make contact with the Portuguese urban art. If you want to contribute just contact the guys in the website. They will be more than happy to receive your contribution!

Details about this spot :

Galeria de Arte Urbana | Art & culture | Free
Calçada da Glória | Bairro Alto (area map)
24 hours daily