Teatro da Trindade - Theater of the world, actualizado a 13 de Julho de 2009.

Teatro da Trindade – Theater of the world 
Last updated: Jul 13th, 2009 | By: Rafael Vieira

This theater, one of the oldest in Lisbon with 140 years of history, offers a vast and attractive program in its several rooms.
Although the theater displays plays in Portuguese it’s still worth a visit as it has more than just theater being performed: in the huge Main Room (Sala Principal), built as a Italian theater with more than 600 seats, in the Studio Room (Sala Estúdio) and in the Theater Cafe (Café Teatro) there are all sort of different things happening. The Main Room is used for large productions, known plays of different companies that usually make a tour around the country, film displays and opera. The Studio Room displays small and more intimate productions, happenings and dance. The Theater Café often shows stand up comedy and all sorts of small plays and cabaret in the pleasant cafe in the basement of the building.

In the foyer at the entrance there are always exhibitions of photography and such. They always have something to do with theater and this theater. In the back façade of the building, the wall facing the Bairro Alto, there’s a huge panel displaying Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso watching through several different windows. The place is very charismatic and a habit in the Lisbon mundane cultural and vivid night life. Try the snacks at the Theater Café and a coffee while waiting for the call to the play – there’s always someone to lead you right to your seat from the bar to the theater room.

It’s possible to visit the theater in groups of 10 to 20 persons (€ 2.00 each), but you need a reservation.

Details about this spot :

Teatro da Trindade | Theaters | Entrance from € 8.00
Largo da Trindade 7A | Chiado & Baixa (area map) | +351213425938
Tue – Sun, depending on hours of the plays