Urban Collective Farms, Abril de 2012

Urban collective farms

Text : Rafael Vieira

A recent phenomena in the Lisbon cityscape are improvised urban farms, a movement that has grown extensively in these last couple of years, albeit quite behind other cities in Europe. Two main reasons instilled neighbourhoods in growing their own products in several empty plots of land around the city, the economical strains and the conscience of a more natural and healthy lifestyle – also not independent of a DIY kind of approach to the urban life. Some of the farms are organized collectively, like Horta do Monte (in Graça district) and organize workshops and actions connected with sustainability and ecology, but many others rose spontaneously and are being reorganized – while others are being launched ex nihilo – in the amidst of the growing ecological and social conscience of the municipality of Lisbon, like Granja de Baixo, Alta de Lisboa and Telheiras, amounting 40ha (99 acres) in total across the city. Several factors assist to the success of the collective organized farming in Lisbon, the sense of community being displayed, the perseverance in face of recession put to test and having organic produces available at reasonable and affordable prices.

Horta do Monte : hortadomonte.blogspot.com